The traditional Burning Man opera was conceived and created a number of years ago by the inimitable Pepe Ozan
It is an on-going, ever-evolving project which requires the talents and energy of many willing
Burning Man participants. If you'd like to participate in this year's opera "Le Mystere de Papa Loko", please subscribe to the burning-opera email list. Instructions on how to do so are listed below. 

"Le Mystere de Papa Loko" will take place @ midnight on Friday, September 3rd, 1999 at the Burning Man festival.

We are planning on having 400 performers for the opera ritual performance. The opera of 1999 will be the grand finale of a grand procession; beginning around sundown Friday at Center Camp. To get the finer details about the procession, click on the "procession" link above to take you there... 

Please sign up for the burning-opera email discussion list. If you'd like, you too can join and contribute to the creation of this year's fantastic opera ritual. 

There are now well over 200 people subscribed. Two versions are available. Regularallows emails sent to the list to be sent to you as they come in, which is great for immediate communication. But if you don't like to get email throughout the day, there is also the Digest version available, which takes all the emails sent to the list in a 24 hour period and compiles them into one convenient email sent to you once per day. It's not as good for immediate communication, though you will stay up to date. 


Opera Forum

To keep up with the latest informantion about Opera happenings, reheasals and events, visit this site often and subscribe to the Burning Man Opera mailing list. To subscribe send an email to: m

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Script: Le Mystere de Papa Loko


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